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A Brexit-proof company? A German GmbH!

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Although the outcome of the referendum is clear, the consequences of Brexit are not that clear yet. Some forecast that the pound will sink strongly. Foreign holidays will therefore become more expensive but Britain’s exports will become cheaper. However, there could be barriers to trade in the form of higher EU-tariffs. On the other hand though, trade would quickly accelerate simply by relying on World Trade Organisation rules, others say.

Speculations concerning the consequences of Brexit will keep on going until politics have set the rules. But instead of waiting for an unpredictable outcome, entrepreneurs would be better off taking their fate into their own hands and start taking initiative.

We support British entrepreneurs seeking a solid position on the mainland by supporting them in the establishment of a German GmbH. With a German GmbH the entry to the German market is secured and the EU-benefits, such as free movement of goods and labor, provide easy access to the other mainland’s markets.

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