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North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), including Düsseldorf, is top ranking location for foreign companies

NRW has kept its position as favourite location for foreign investment in Germany in 2016 –  of which there were  413  last year.   NRW Invest (business development agency) reports that up to 8,600 jobs were created due to this investment.  That is almost 7% more than last year. 

Companies like Amazon, Decathlon and UPS have invested more than 125 million Euro in 2016 and have created about 2,200 new jobs. 

USA bring most of the new jobs to NRW.  China was leading again with the number of investment projects  in 2016,  followed by USA, Holland and Turkey.  The Düsseldorf region was especially popular in 2016.

Over 18,000 foreign companies have settled in NRW.  They employ more than 800,000 employees.

Source: NRW Invest Germany 

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