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Why not Germany?

Many American companies have difficulty trying to sell their products and services in the German market. Limited knowledge of the language, insufficient familiarity with the business culture and etiquette, the arising legal and tax questions – all hurdles that cause companies to shelve their plans for starting business in Germany. This is a shame, because the potential is here…

Why you should still come to Germany!

Does this situation seem familiar to you? Then you have come to the right place! We at INDIPA help you overcome these hurdles and assist you in your venture into Germany. To this end we offer several services, for example the provision of an office address, the establishment of a German GmbH (Ltd.) or the provision of a German customer service for our clients.

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Setting up a company in Germany

Virtual office in Germany

Your German customer service

For a general overview of all our services, please click on Overview of INDIPA’s services.