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Here is an overview of all the services we offer: Our services can be divided into the following three main categories: We offer (I) a German telephone number/office address, (II) Sales and distribution and (III) Management consulting . What do these categories mean in detail? This is a list of the most important services we offer:

    • Provision of – a German office address (Düsseldorf) – a German telephone and fax number (Düsseldorf), answering machine – conference rooms for our clients
    • Permanently staffed office (German speaking)
    • Answering telephone calls on behalf of our clients’ company
    • Processing of incoming mail (or forwarding)
    • Responding to customer queries via the telephone or in writing
    • Entering orders or amendments
    • Processing of complaints and immediate, on the spot problem solving
    • Dispatching of information
    • Translations
    • Marketing of our clients’ services: (developing and implementing marketing strategies, sourcing of target customers, correspondence with customers via personalised letters, outbound telephone contact with target customers, personal customer service, drawing up offers as well as follow-up work, completion of orders)
    • Establishment of a GmbH or another kind of legal form
    • Provision of foundation, strategy or marketing consultancy services either at the start of a venture into the German market or during a company’s German business expansion
    • Business support (e.g. with strategic, financial, tax or legal questions. INDIPA will of course make use of its extensive network of experts for any issues that we are unable to or not allowed to solve for legal reasons.)
    • Processing of payroll accounting for German staff
    • Special tasks (e.g. establishing contact with the press, clarification of insurance questions etc.)
    • and much more