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Would you like to participate in Germany‘s strong economy?

The German economy is enjoying its fastest rate of expansion since 2011.  Experts predict this will continue. 

What is the reason for the high economic growth in Germany in 2017?

  1. For years now, Germany has successfully sold expensive goods abroad.  In this way, well paid jobs are produced here.  And the people who have these jobs, then consume. This has the positive effect that companies are doing better, even if they do not sell abroad. 
  2. When companies are successful, they have more money to invest.  According to the federal office of statistics, in 2017 there was an increase of  3,5 % (in real terms) in investment in machines,  equipment and cars than the year before.

 (Orange by Handelsblatt January 2018)


Would you like to be part of Germany‘s economic success?  Are you contemplating setting up a business in Germany?

We, INDIPA,  would be happy to help you – quickly , easily and affordably.  We can assist you to setup your GmbH, like the many international companies we have successfully assisted over the years.  We also provide a German business address, a German telephone number and German customer service.  We look forward to hearing from you