About us

INDIPA is your innovative service partner. In tune with the times and the most current trends.
In the beginning…
Our history

INDIPA was founded in Düsseldorf in 2006 and in German stands for ‘INovativer DIenstleistungs PArtner’, which translates into ‘innovative service partner’. Founder and managing director Christoph Schulte had the core idea of supporting entrepreneurs with the company management and the successful marketing of their products in Germany. The distinguishing feature is that INDIPA does not just advise its clients but joins forces with them in order to work the German market together. As a partner. In tune with the times and the most current trends.

The principles of our work

  • Our vision:
    Entrepreneurs are successful because they are our clients!
  • Our mission:
    To increase the economic success of our customers by fusing their core competencies with our commercial and sales expertise.
  • Our values:
    Sustainability Trust (openness, transparency, control) Business partnership.
Your team in Germany

Your INDIPA-Team is happy to support you

Use our more than 50 years experience in professional, scalable, German speaking customer service for your German clients. Or benefit from our lean processes and network from more than 100 company formations in Germany.


The answer to the question ‘Why INDIPA?’ can be summarised in just a few words. INDIPA provides you with:

  • Quality (quality assurance): All our services are agreed upon with our clients and competencies are precisely defined in advance. We devise outlines, work processes, telephone scripts, job descriptions or manuals. INDIPA is a recommended partner of the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce in the Hague: http://www.dnhk.org

  • Entrepreneurial involvement: All of our staff become active components of the clients’ company and act in the best interest of their business.

  • One single source: All our services are provided from one source. Thus, coordination efforts between INDIPA and our clients are kept to a minimum.

  • Efficiency: Services are carried out as quickly as possible and if needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to be proactive, rather than to be reactive.

We work with…
Our partners
INDIPA offers an extensive range of services so that our customers are able to focus solely on their core business expertise. In areas where specialist knowledge is required, INDIPA works together with our cooperation partners:

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