Tailor-made solutions

Our services

We offer a wide range of services for your projects on German soil. Our hands-on and professional approach, leads to your success!

Establishment of your German company

  • Analysis/study of your plans for the German market
  • Preparation of a partnership agreement with INDIPA
  • Coordinating the necessary activities with our institutional partners and public authorities
  • Preparation and supervision of administrative procedures for all necessary registrations of your German legal entity (usually a GmbH); think of, among others, registration at the Trade Register, Financial Authorities and the municipal registration.
  • Domiciliation of your company in our business centre or at the address of your choice

Your German office

  • Receipt of your mail at your company address in Düsseldorf and transfer to the address of your choice
  • Receiving calls and diverting these calls to a number of your choice
  • On-demand use of meeting rooms for your meetings with your customers, prospects and business partners
  • Processing of letters, e-mails and phone calls if necessary

Support of your German customer service

  • Receipt and processing of written and telephone enquiries regarding your activities in Germany. Our sales team, which will be specially trained in your activities, does this in name of your company.
  • Follow-up of sent offers
  • Permanent German telephone occupation
  • Incoming mail handling
  • Invoicing, delivery tracking, payment tracking
  • Complaint-management
  • Management of payments and reminders
  • Sending documentation to potential customers
  • Translations of website, brochures, letters, product catalogues, etc.
  • Planning and execution of marketing campaigns

Your GmbH is established – how to proceed

  • Handling the administrative formalities of your German company
  • Salary management of your staff
  • Managing and executing correspondence with German institutions and public authorities

Finding your German employee

  • Development of search criteria/qualification requirements
  • Identification of qualified potential partners/agents/employees
  • Conducting or supervising interviews
  • Support for decision-making

Connect with your German trading partner

  • Together we define the matching criteria, leading to a long list, subsequently to a short list, resulting in a concrete match
  • High success rates thanks to our professional and extensive network

Personal representation of your German business

  • Practical extension for all kinds of hands-on activities
  • Developing customer strategies and processing plans
  • Your professional, personal, and German-speaking representation
  • INDIPA brings years of sales and representation experience

Prepare your successful market entry in Germany

  • supporting your market entry
  • developing potential for your German cooperation
  • creating and implementing your “Business Case Germany” based upon your input and our expertise
  • INDIPA has supported more than 100 companies entering the German market

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