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German trading partner

To find your trading partner for the German market; ask INDIPA!

Offering a product or service across the border can be done in many different ways. One of the possibilities is to find a reliable trading partner. A trading partner who does not only speak German fluently, but who also has perfect knowledge of the German market, and therefore manages to bring your product or service to a great success on the German market.

Are you looking for a German trading partner?

A trading partner can be a distributor or wholesaler, for example. But how do you find this partner who can help you develop your exports to Germany?

INDIPA has found a German trading partner!

Thanks to the great diversity of our customers, our many years of experience and our consultancy services for Mercuri International, INDIPA has an extensive professional network, which gives us access to a wide range of business and trade associations.

Based on your objectives and selection criteria (e.g. geographical preferences, company size, or sector type), we will look for and propose a first “long list” of possible trading partners as soon as possible. Based on your feedback, the criteria are redefined, enabling us to draw up a second, more concise list, the “shortlist”, of the most interesting trading partners, who we will then contact.

What makes INDIPA’s services unique?

We are consultants and implementers. The success of our clients is our focus. Together we work out the optimal and efficient cultivation of the German market and jointly implement this in our day-to-day business. The close exchange with our clients on strategic and operational issues, our flexibility and “hands-on mentality” make us unique.