INDIPA – Your partner for the German market

You are considering doing business in Germany? You have just found the right partner to make it happen!

Do you want to
conquer the
German market?

Are you considering the establishment of a German company? Or do you merely require a German contact address and telephone number?

We will help you! INDIPA Unternehmensservice GmbH supports foreign companies, reaching out for German customers. Our custom-made services, extensive network and our years of experience ensure that we provide first-class assistance to our clients, who aim for conquering the German market.

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INDIPA‘s typical customer

  • Size:
    Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME)
  • History:
    successful on their home market
  • Ability:
    recognise the great potential on the German market
  • Need:
    support in Germany, due to lack of knowledge of the language, administrative rules and business practices
What our clients say…
  • Jack Willems, MD

    Jack Willems, MD

    A-Z Barbecue Service

    “INDIPA has been fantastic in helping us to set up a GmbH and everything that goes with it! The team has been fast, professional and a good support in such an important step. We recommend INDIPA to anyone who wants to take a leap onto the German market!”

  • Marc Bronswijk

    Marc Bronswijk, MD


    “We have been active in the German market since 2005. Even though we speak good German and are located near the border we were looking for a German point of contact for our customers. Setting up a German subsidiary would have been too expensive at that point in time, which is why we contacted INDIPA. The costs of the services are always fair and comprehensive. We would not hesitate to recommend INDIPA!”

  • Roel Driessen, MD

    Roel Driessen, MD


    “Before entering the German market with our company, we heard many stories about the difficulties and necessary paperwork that would be needed.
    The best choice we made was to hire INDIPA to help us with our start in Germany. They guided us perfectly through all procedures and made things very easy for us to get started.”

  • Mark de Lange, MD

    “Thanks to INDIPA our German Helpdesk is always available. The INDIPA staff have extensive knowledge of our company and our products and can therefore provide our customers with excellent advice over the telephone.”

  • andes

    Marc van Brakel, MD


    “It’s been a pleasure working with the team at INDIPA. Together we set up our German company and acquired our first German customers. Great value!”

  • Sietse Stad, MD


    “For a long time, INDIPA is our partner for the German customer service. The simple, professional and very flexible cooperation helps us enormously to continue to grow and to maintain lean structures.”

  • Vincent Hendriks, MD

    Hendriks Care

    We have been INDIPA customers for about 8 years and really appreciate the reliable service. It’s great to be able to use the ground-level premises in Düsseldorf so flexibly. Here we can easily welcome our German customers and show them our wheelchairs and seating aids in a relaxed atmosphere and advise them individually.

  • Eric Masclee, MD


    “INDIPA organises our complete German customer service, including inside sales. INDIPA is integrated into our own organisation and contributes to the professional image we like to have. It is impressive how flexible and yet professional INDIPA is. We hesitated for a long time before deciding to work with them. The cooperation has led to strong growth in sales in Germany and neighbouring countries, and the success we are having proves that we made the right decision!”

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