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Administrative support

You concentrate on your German business activities, and INDIPA takes care of all administrative tasks.

Administrative Support

After having set up your German company, you want to concentrate on your German business activities to turn your company into a successful German company. INDIPA will stay at your side and is happy to continue to assist you, also after the foundation of your company.

What is to be expected after the foundation?

Various German authorities and institutions will be informed of the foundation of your new German company, which results in an active correspondence. All kinds of questions and requests addressed to your GmbH, will come up. See for more concrete examples Your company is founded – what comes next?.

Part of this correspondence may be disregarded. But another part must be dealt with in the best and quickest possible way, as some German authorities apply strict measures in the absence of an adequate response.

INDIPA’s support after the foundation

To prevent yourself from getting lost in the German “administrative jungle” after the foundation of your company, INDIPA will receive this correspondence on your behalf. We will translate all incoming mail, inform you about it, indicate what is relevant and what not, we prepare adequate responses and answer all questions arising from the incoming correspondence with great care and dedication. We will represent your GmbH in the utmost professional way, not only in writing, but also on the phone wherever this is expected or even more effective.

INDIPA’s promises to you

Our goal is to provide you with a carefree start and smooth ongoing development of your German activities. You can continue relying on our professionalism and transparency in this process and enjoy the convenience of always having a partner at your side who thinks along with you!

What makes INDIPA’s services unique?

We are consultants and implementers. The success of our clients is our focus. Together we work out the optimal and efficient cultivation of the German market and jointly implement this in our day-to-day business. The close exchange with our clients on strategic and operational issues, our flexibility and “hands-on mentality” make us unique.