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Setting up a company in Germany

Are you considering setting up a company in Germany? It is indeed possible for Americans to set up a business in Germany.  They do not need to be a  German resident and it is not necessary to be in Germany to set up the business.

There are different legal forms available. The most common is the „GmbH“. This would be similar to the American „Corporation Inc.“ Although it is not as straight-forward as in the USA to set up a business in Germany. But that‘s why we are here to offer a helping hand.  We have supported many other US companies to setup their business here.

Continue reading to find out how we can support you with the setup of a German company, e.g. a GmbH.

Full support with the setting up of your German company

We accompany and support our customers throughout the complete foundation process and prepare everything necessary in close cooperation with them. INDIPA has a solid network of partners (including solicitor, tax advisors, translators) together with whom we have already established many German companies in a fast and efficient way. In most cases we needed less than two weeks, from the beginning to signing the deed of foundation. We ask our customers to come to Düsseldorf for one day only, as their presence is necessary to sign the deed of foundation and to open a bank account in the name of the GmbH (it is also possible to sign the documents at a notary in the US). We schedule and arrange for these appointments and accompany our customer to the solicitor and bank for translation purposes, if the customer wishes so. All the necessary paperwork beforehand and afterwards will be taken care of by INDIPA.

In short, we offer the following services in close cooperation with our partners:

  • Determine the name of the German company – the name needs to be approved by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK – Industrie- und Handelskammer) with whom we stay in close contact
  • Arrange for and accompany to the signing of the deed of foundation at the solicitor
  • Arrange for and accompany to the opening of a bank account
  • Register the GmbH at the trade register, the business office, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and other German authorities
  • Announce the GmbH at the Tax Authority, including the drafting of the opening balance sheet

The costs for the establishment are kept under control

You are probably wondering what the costs are for such a GmbH-establishment. INDIPA will give you an overview of these costs and guarantees not to exceed the estimation of costs. Besides the costs for the establishment, the running and administrative costs also need to be taken into account. These include costs for bookkeeping, regular VAT-declarations and the submission of the yearly financial statement. We can also provide you with a reliable overview of these costs.

The registered office of the GmbH

For the registered office address of your German company we can offer you our offices in Düsseldorf. Besides using our offices as your business address, you are welcome to use our offices for work and meeting purposes also. All mail addressed to your company will be forwarded to you. Ideally your GmbH is also reachable under a German phone number. We are happy to provide you with a German phone number with prefix “0211” for Düsseldorf. You will find more information about this service by clicking “Virtual office in Germany”.

Setup clear. But you need a partner in Germany?

You are the expert for your product/service and you know how to serve the German market. You are sure that you will succeed. You just need to make sure that you manage your German company in a proper way and that you come into contact with (enough) potential customers? Let´s talk about an entrepreneurial partnership where INDIPA e. g. is a shareholder of your German company and takes over the commercial and administrative part of your German business!


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