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Case Study Andes

Har-Tru Case Study

Case Study: ANDES

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Software manufacturer Andes is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company is the market leader in the Netherlands and offers cities and regional governments software for process automation in the area of permits and notifications. Since the market share in the Netherlands at one point offered little growth potential and Germany was lagging behind the Netherlands in terms of digitalization, the move to the German market was obvious.

The big challenge was to win German governments as customers as a foreign software producer. Given the relative unfamiliarity at the time with SaaS solutions, personal data protection rules and other legal issues, it was an absolute challenge to convince the, regarded as rather conservative, target group of a “pioneering cooperation” with a Dutch supplier.


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Cooperation with INDIPA

Partner on the German market

Right from the beginning, INDIPA was Andes’ partner for the German market. INDIPA identified customers and contact persons and arranged personal appointments with them.

INDIPA director Christoph Schulte soon became Andes’ German representative. Christoph supervised the personal appointments of Andes employees and also carried them out partly on his own responsibility. This did not stop there; Christoph Schulte supervised the market entry process for several years until cooperation with the first government agencies began. Until then, various meetings such as sales presentations, coordination meetings and negotiations with potential customers were required. The wishes and requirements of the governments regarding the digitization and automation of their work processes had to be understood and mapped, which INDIPA also successfully supervised.

Subsequently, INDIPA supported Andes in the establishment of a German GmbH and has since served as the registered office for the technology company. 

In addition, INDIPA also advised Andes in the area of data protection and assisted in finding a German hosting partner.

Andes’ growth in Germany necessitated the establishment of a special sales team. Christoph Schulte is closely involved in the process of selecting and hiring Andes’ sales staff. He also closely supervises the onboarding of sales employees and provides individual sales training as part of this.

In addition, the INDIPA team has been providing customer support to Andes customers for many years.


Foundation of a GmbH, first German customers, fantastic!

Andes managed to successfully set up its business in Germany and is now growing rapidly. INDIPA and its Managing Director Christoph Schulte have played an important role in this. From the beginning, INDIPA has been very successful on many levels in supporting the market entry and growth of Andes in Germany.

  • smooth establishment of a GmbH

  • first customers in Germany quickly won

  • solid growth of Andes in Germany

Customer’s feedback

“It was a pleasure to work with the team from INDIPA. Together we set up our German company and acquired our first German customers. Fantastic!”

Managing director Andes, Marc van Brakel

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Düsseldorf as the centre of international business in North Rhine-Westphalia

Number of foreign companies grows – British in the lead

Figures from a new IHK study prove the continued high attraction of the state capital for foreign companies. More than one of six member-companies of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry has majority foreign share capital or is run by foreigners. Since the last analysis of this kind in 2019, the number of foreign companies registered in the commercial register in the CCI district has risen by 11 per cent – and even by 60 per cent since 2010.

Due to Brexit, the largest group for the first time is made up of companies from the United Kingdom (704), followed by Greater China (654), the Netherlands (586), the USA (412), Switzerland (360), Luxembourg (322), France (284) and Japan (267). With 1,653 companies, trade is the most strongly represented sector of the companies registered in the commercial register.

The Managing Director International at the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry emphasises that to ensure the region remains a centre of attraction for interational companies and investors, the hard and soft location factors must contain to be steadily improved. These include uncomplicated entry and residence options, transport and digital infrastructure, a secure energy supply, sufficient commercial space and the availability of skilled workers.

 Source: Zahl ausländischer Unternehmen wächst – IHK-Magazin (

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We, INDIPA,  would be happy to help you – quickly , easily and affordably.  We can assist you to setup your GmbH, like the many international companies we have successfully assisted over the years.  We also provide a German business address, a German telephone number and German customer service.  We look forward to hearing from you.